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Galway City

The impressive city of Galway is located at the mouth of Galway Bay which is situated alongside the western coastline of Ireland. This vibrant region is easily considered to be a very welcoming and fun-loving place populated by the young at heart! History shows that the city first began as a humble Fishermans cove that was constructed by the King of Connacht in 1124 at the mouth of the River Corrib. From there, a powerful Anglo-Norman ruler named Richard de Burgh captured the town in 1232 from the governing O’Flaherty clan who were under the authority of the King of Connacht. Over the next century, the region flourished under the command of the de Burghs.

More specifically, what was once considered to be a modest Fishermans harbour was swiftly transformed into a thriving walled city enriched with bountiful opportunities to trade primarily with Spain, France and the Caribbean among other ports across the way. Due to this promising advancement, the city began to prosper like never before which resulted in having the township of Galway gain the ranks of becoming the primary Irish port for trade along the west coast!

Overtime, the city of Galway prevailed in the Middle Ages under the command of 14 merchant families for which 12 were of Norman origin and 2 were of Irish origin. Due to this level of authority, the township became known as the “City of the Tribes” across the land. Unfortunately, the English wars of the 17th century had a devastating toll on the entirety of the town. Nevertheless, the city of Galway began to make substantial advancements under the Victorian times thanks to the construction of the Queen’s university that was created in 1845. In addition, another significant development is that of the first railway line to pass through Galway which was established in 1850 and enabled convenient accessibility from town to town. Not to mention, this was the last place the world-famous explorer Christopher Columbus visited before taking off to the West Indies!

Ultimately, these events played a significant role towards sculpting Galway into the impressive city it is today! Here you can visit various popular tourist attractions such as the remarkable Galway Cathedral, historical Claddagh Ring Museum, uniquely structured Lynch’s Castle and the vigorous harbour where you can easily view the radiant Spanish Arch. Enjoy!

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