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The Tour


Depart outside the old stone church on Suffolk Street. Once your tour guide has introduced him or herself you'll make your way out of Dublin city, passing the Guinness brewery, heading west onto the Galway motorway to begin today's adventure.

You'll pass through the Irish midlands where most of the country's peat industry comes from. Peat or turf is an accumulation of partly decayed vegetation and is found in wetlands or bogs. The peat is cut from the ground in logs about 1 ft long, dried and then used as a fuel source. Your guide will take you through the 'Bog of Allen', the country's largest peat bog; a massive 958 sq km in size. You'll make a photo stop here, see and feel the peat and maybe even have a go at peat cutting !

We will arrive in the great city of Galway. The city also bears the nickname "City of the Tribes". In Irish: 'Cathair na dTreabh', because fourteen tribes of merchant families led the city during the Hiberno-Norman period. The term 'tribes' was often a derogatory phrase in Cromwellian times. The merchants would have seen themselves as Irish gentry and loyal to the King. They subsequently adopted the term as a badge of honour and pride in defiance of the town's Cromwellian occupiers. Apart from the amazing history this city holds, you'll see and do much more.

To introduce you to this great city your guide will bring you on a fascinating walking tour. You'll walk you through the meandering Viking streets and your guide will tell you stories of invasion, city heros and the famous buildings that line the streets.

Once the walking tour has finished you will have free time to explore the city by yourself. You'll encounter many street performers, buskers and craft stalls on your travels. Also, if it takes your fancy, Galway also has arguably the best pubs in the country which have live Irish music playing in the day and night. Before you begin you free time your guide will give you some recommendations on the best places to eat in the city.

We depart from our favourite city and travel back east toward the capital, but not before making one more captivating stop in the town of Tullamore which sits almost in the centre of Ireland.

You arrive at Tullamore Dew Old Whiskey Distillery & Visitors Centre dating from 1829. Explore this newly renovated whiskey experience and enjoy the history and magical stories that this bonded warehouse holds. Your guide will take you through the story of the distillery's founder Daniel E Williams and tell you how its master distillers can turn water, barley and yeast into this magical and world famous liquid.

Homeward bound back to Dublin. It's time to sit back and maybe listen to some Irish music and reminisce about your adventure. You should arrive back in the city by 19:00

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