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Tullamore Dew

The celebrated whiskey distillery at Tullamore was founded in the year 1829 by an Irish entrepreneur named Michael Molloy. The location of the renowned distillery was carefully selected and built in County Offaly which is easily considered to be the heart of Ireland. The reason for this placement is due to the regions vast and bountiful natural resources conveniently available.

However, the death of Mr. Molloy in the year 1857 brought upon new management. More specifically, the business was passed along to his nephew, Captain Bernard Daly, who then hired and eventually appointed the talented Mr. Daniel E. Williams as the general manager of the company. From there, a series of improvements came to surface such as the instalment of the very first telephone line, electrical light system and motorised transport way. These additions not only increased the production of the distillery but also greatly benefited the township as a whole.

Eventually, the initials of Daniel E. Williams “D-E-W” inspired the company to change their name to what it currently is referred to today for which the slogan “Give every man his Dew” is still presently used! Overtime, the Williams’ family became joint shareholders of the distillery thanks to the influence Mr. Williams played in advancing the Tullamore Dew’s business.

Regrettably, two key events contributed to the decline of the whiskey industry in Ireland. The first hardship came into effect during the time of the prohibition in America and the second tribulation came into play at the time of the economic war with Britain. These two countries were vital consumers of Irish whiskey and so when these unfavourable conditions surfaced during the 1930’s, a burden fell upon the up-and-coming distillery of Tullamore Dew.

Fortunately after World War II, the grandson of Mr. Williams, Desmond Williams, proved to have the essential drive needed to revive the once flourishing family business. His accomplishments consisted of utilizing modern marketing techniques, rediscovering an ancient whiskey liqueur recipe for which they recreated in order to claim as their own and capitalised on the Irish coffee craze that can be accredited to the distinctive smoothness of Tullamore Dew’s blended whiskey collection!

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